Here are some of the best tips on resume-building that we've gathered this year – use them to springboard your job search in 2019!

  • Being aware of your level of English is paramount. Indeed, recruiters no longer hesitate to test the candidates' knowledge of English through tests or improvised conversations to ensure their suitability for a job, especially at an international level.

  • Today, for recruiters, the challenge is not so much to recruit profiles as potential. This presupposes a greater focus on the candidate's personality and ability to adapt or evolve, than on his or her previous degree or experience. As part of a recruitment process, well-being and motivation are now key elements. What are the qualities that will be essential to find a job in the world of work tomorrow?

  • Numerous myths and legends surround the job application photo. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words and there is no second chance for the first impression. The look of the employee on the job application photo can therefore already be the first decisive factor for the chances of success.

  • Leadership skills are abilities that help you guide your team to meeting individual, group, department, and organizational goals. They are considered a type of soft skill, because they’re usually not easily learned or quantified.