Is that allowed?

May one have the application / CV / resume written by a Recruitment Agency? Or is that already a plagiarism, if you write cover letter and CV of a professional application writer creates? The question is posed by numerous applicants. The writing, formulating and designing of the application documents causes many a headache and problems. On the other hand, there are now a whole range of application consultants, writing coaches and ghostwriters who not only provide conceptual support and job application tips to job seekers, but also write, pimp and refine the complete application - for a fee, of course. But is such an application from a foreign pen permissible and expedient?

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Application by Ghostwriter: 

Deception or cleverness?

Applying Ghostwriter Costs Knitting Naturally, ghostwriting is not about a professional application writer deliberately making false statements, lying in the letter of motivation or even falsifying documents. Who offers and sells, is certainly not a professional, but criminal. Everything else - advice, writing help, optimization - is by no means illegal. In terms of employment law, it is perfectly legitimate to hire a professional application writer or CV coach.


Finally, one may also be prepared for a job interview by appropriate training. And there does not seem to be a low demand for this service: A startup founded in Bangkok in 2014 caused a furore in the media and has been offering its services in job applications ever since. The idea is not really new: ghostwriting as writing political speeches, even ghostwriting in college as a service to students are not uncommon. Even though the users of such ghostwriting services come from a wide variety of professions - interns and students are not the main target group, because the service is usually too expensive for that. Typical addressees are, for example, doctors and medical staff who simply do not have the time to deal intensively with an application. Likewise: Professionals such as engineers and architects who may be well-versed in their job, but to whom polished formulations are less likely to go by the hand. In these professions it is not important to be able to write well - the main thing, the patient is alive and the house is at the end.

How much does an application from ghostwriters cost?

Ghostwriter Application Costs Prices


Good ghostwriting in the application, however, also has its price: the need of some job seekers can earn good money. The perfect application is partly from 2000 baht, not infrequently costs the all-round service for the entire portfolio, including cover page, CV and letter of motivation 2500 baht and more. Experienced executives even have to reckon on professional documents with around 3000-4000 baht.


It is therefore not least a question of the extent - so how much you can be prefabricated by the professionals. And how much of your own personality is at the end of the cover letter and how authentic such a Ghostwriter application is still.


Where there are certainly gradations - between moderate cosmetics and cosmetic repairs to complete your CV  (which, however, based on their own, true information).


Exactly the opinions, however, differ greatly.

Advantages and disadvantages 

of the ghostwriter application



    Benefits of Ghostwriting Application


    First of all, there are some benefits that speak for ghostwriting and - as expected - are also regularly mentioned by the providers of such writing aids:


    • Correct spelling


    Professional job applicants help to eliminate typing and grammatical errors.


    • Identical design


    The application of the ghostwriter is coordinated with one another in terms of form and content from a single source, cover letter and CV.


    • Professional distance


    A ghostwriter has a different view of you than you do on yourself. Objective professionals choose the better application photo.


    • Exact vote


    Application trainers design the application so that it fits the job and the company.


    • Linguistic subtleties


    Experienced ghostwriters find gaps in the CV and close it with the right words. You avoid phrases in the application; instead, focus the text on relevant statements that convince recruiters.


    • Safe appearance


    CV coaches ensure that applicants do not sell below value.


    • Great time savings


    The ghostwriters help not least in acute lack of time to create a complex application portfolio.





    Disadvantages of the ghostwriter application 


    But the advantages are also unfortunately a few disadvantages, which also has to be considered:



    • High prices


    The biggest disadvantage is the price. Of course, it can always be argued that this is an investment in your own future. However, those who have been unemployed for a while and have to turn around every Baht can rarely afford the job applicants.


    • No guarantee


    Unfortunately, the candidate does not know what their service is worth until he or she is actually invited to the job interview. A guarantee of success is almost never.


    • Hardly any self-reflection


    You do not deal with yourself in the application process in order to present your own strengths and competencies credibly - but this self-reflection contributes to the consolidation of your self-confidence and is missing in the later process, for example during the job interview.


    • Low authenticity


    The ghostwriter application does not authentically reflect your person. They would use different expressions, for the application, another person taps their vocabulary instead.


    • Lack of agreement


    But the ghostwriter application can also be overly successful: what if the pimped writing convinces the HR manager, raises high expectations, for the candidate in the job interview but unfortunately can not meet. Product disappointment is the worst thing that can happen to an application - if the person does not keep what the paper or e-mail promised in advance.

    Ghostwriting in the application: 

    The opinions of career counselors

    Ghostwriting in the application: The opinions of the career advisors


    We have asked the question also among other career coaches and application counselors. Again, the opinions are sometimes far apart.


    The senior consultant,  Khun Phanuphan says for example:


    I would recommend Ghostwriting to most applicants.


    Khun Nedchanok, also a career counselor puts it on the formula: Professional support is okay, as long as limited to help themselves because:


    If applicants are solely on their own, sometimes they just copy great texts from relevant application books. Or they take any templates from the internet. In the best case, a cover letter will simply be inappropriate, in the hardest case, the templates are formally bad in terms of content. If no one checks, the applicant runs into the open knife.


    The career adviser, Khun Tharumon finds another pro-argument for the professional ghostwriting of an application:


    The application is about whether one is good at his job as an architect or chemist, not writing. Personality and professional competence are important for the quality of later work. His or her writing can? For success in the job, the former is crucial. Application professionals can and may help to overcome the hurdle of written application.


    The professional author and editor, Khun Yuddhapon does not contradict this, but points out:


    A completely foreign-written application would not be worth its prefix and would sell its author as something he is not. Disappointments at the receiver would then be programmed. Therefore, a professional should rather act as a writing coach with subsequent editing and proofreading.


    The copywriter, Khun Juthamas in turn told us:


    A fake is not such a professional writing in my opinion. However, I do not think it's particularly advisable. Because the core of an application is not to sell a perfect person, but to represent the candidate as human as possible.

    Checklist: What should I look for in the ghostwriter selection?

    Even if we try every day with Fischer & Partners to help you as a sparring, to give you valuable tips, suggestions and templates for the application, we notice time and again: The uncertainty among job seekers is great:

    Not a few of them hardly look at the numerous requirements, feel overwhelmed or simply do not know what to write. Some people find it incredibly difficult to praise themselves, to advertise themselves. Others may also be too lazy to translate their career to date. And with other employees, it may have been years since they wrote an application. They do not even know what is common today anymore.

    To be honest, writing an application is no fun. Indeed, an Indeed survey found that on average candidates prepare a full 74 minutes of cover writing - including thinking, designing, writing, reformulating, correcting ... that can be frustrating.

    How tempting is there a purchased all-inclusive package from the ghostwriter.

    However, applicants should not be quick to access. Also, the price is not necessarily a reliable indication of a good service, Motto: If it is expensive, it must be good. And vice versa. Rather, you should pay attention to the details of the selection of applicants and helpers to recognize the really good (but rare) providers. The following checklist can help you:

    • Appearance

    If your own internet presence already contains spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, you should be well skeptical. Of course, nobody is free from mistakes. However, if they occur frequently and just at a service provider who writes flawless formulations and the best quality on the flags, that does not speak for particularly conscientious work.

    • Transparency

    A serious application service provides open information about how the service and payment are structured right from the start - from the first preliminary interview, through the preparation of the letter of application, to the receipt of the documents.

    • Text security

    The ghostwriter has excellent language skills and is also solid in the design of business letters or cover letter and CV. Ideally, he can rely on professional graphic designers.

    • Fold background

    The application writer can look back on relevant experience in the area of human resources and may have hired staff or selected a dozen application documents. So he or she knows from practice what is important in which industry and what is not.

    • Empathy

    The application trainer is able to put himself in the careers and job application situation of his client and, in optimizing the documents, tailor the style and personality of the candidate to the perspective of the target company.

    • Analysis of experience

    The application coach takes his time individually and manages - through appropriate discussions and queries - to identify the relevant strengths of the applicant as well as his qualifications in the documents and present them convincingly - for career starters as well as for managing directors. He always takes account of the above requirements in the job advertisement and spin it a thread that runs through the entire documentation.

    • Uniqueness

    The application consultant conscientiously answers your requests for correction (the revisions are of course free of charge) and adapts the application documents accordingly. Ultimately, you remain the initiator and can expect a tailor-made application. Pay attention to phrases: Those who use typical phrases disqualify themselves.

    The main goal of application ghostwriting is ultimately to significantly increase the chances of being invited to a job interview. Pay attention to the above criteria and listen to your gut feeling, whether you can cope with the offered application service and feel understood by the coach.

    Serious application writers can also show you a few (anonymized) successful application patterns from previous customers. They should also have a convincing effect on you - and above all, look different every time. If you only present a few standard sample solutions here, you will only be able to create an assembly line application for you.


    Application by ghostwriter: yes or no?


    Professional editing, a few tips and help with formulating, subtle make-up - so that the majority of personnel has no problem. On the other hand, anyone who submits to professional documents runs the risk of experienced human resources recognizing and sorting out the result as an application from the ghostwriter. It remains an irritation: not authentic!


    It is true that facts, passion and commitment can be handled professionally. The application is just the first hurdle. This is followed by the job interview - and that can never be fake.


    No matter how you ultimately decide: Whether you have the application written by a professional or write and formulate everything yourself - please always take enough time for it. An application is not something that one produces in between. She has to mature. With and without ghostwriter.