Looking for people who can open new sales channels and develop the right marketing mix?

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Fischer & Partners' Sales and Marketing Recruitment connects clients with top talents across Thailand and Indonesia.


In an increasingly fractured marketplace, competition is fierce to raise your company’s visibility and increase your sales. It takes more than an advertising campaign or web demo to open doors…it takes highly qualified sales and marketing professionals to develop, promote and sell the strategic communications plan that targets your messages and products or services to prospective customers.


Fischer & Partners is one of the leading HR specialists in marketing and sales recruitment. Our recruiters have wide-ranging experience and expertise in the industry and know how to optimize the hiring process in this fast-growing industry. Every campaign we undertake is targeted specifically for our client and we employ a range of talent management solutions to source the best talent. Armed with that experience, we join your internal human resource department to evaluate the employment landscape and then assess, recruit and deploy qualified professionals for communications, sales, and marketing jobs to join your team. Everything we do is a result of our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to recruitment excellence.

we recruit for the following sales & marketing jobs



Senior Sales & Marketing Jobs

  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Account Manager / Director
  • Sales & Marketing Manager / Director
  • Marketing Manager / Director
  • Marketing Communication Manager
  • Sr.Account Manager / Director
  • Business Developent Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Creative Director

Sales Jobs

  • Sales Executive / Representative
  • Sales Administrative
  • Sales Engineer
  • Account Executive
  • Account Specialist
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Sales Consultant
  • Retail Sales Consultant
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Client Advisor

Marketing Jobs

  • Marketing Communication Officer
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Marketing Consultant
  • SEO / Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Strategist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Strategist
  • Creative

Other Jobs

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Telemarketer




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Where others see challenges, we see possibilities. The decisions we make are based on a firm and holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s business climate and lay the foundation for future success. We focus on helping you realize your near and long-term goals and become a true partner in helping you achieve success.

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advancement through



The recruitment paradigm has changed. Organizations now depend on technologies to ensure continued development. Your competitive edge relies on your ability to connect with exceptional talent, quickly and cost-effectively. Fischer & Partners Sales & Marketing Recruitment offers innovative technologies that ensure your continued growth. We invest in strategic technologies, which allow us to lead the recruitment industry and set an impossibly high standard for our service.


we build


As much as we depend on technology to offer the best possible service, we continue to embrace the people side of doing business. With a healthy combination of technology and people skills,   Fischer & Partners build long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time and lead to measurable success. We believe stronger relationships allow us to provide faster, superior placements while maintaining high-quality service delivery.

We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar
We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar
We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar
We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar
We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar
We build relationships - Fischer & Partners Recruitment team member avatar

we are sales and

marketing specialists


Our recruiters have a deep understanding of sales and marketing roles. Our training program is specific to the sales and marketing sector and we're committed to continuous improvement, ensuring you're always working with an expert who fully understands your expectations. As a result, we're in a key position to find your next star performer in sales or marketing.