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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal Recruiting And External Recruiting

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal And External Recruiting

When vacancies arise in your company and you need to shout to the world you are hiring! Take time and ask yourself where should I start looking for candidates? Every company that needs to fill a vacancy needs to decide between recruiting externally or internally.

This is a dilemma for any recruiter. Although several companies have an internal promotion or promotion system, others choose to seek external candidates to fill a vacancy. Incorporating a mixture of internal and external candidates into your talent funnel is one of the best practices you can have since there are associated pros and cons by relying on only one source of candidates exclusively.

Internal Recruitment


Your current collaborators know and appreciate the culture of your company. They are immersed in it during each business day. You can increase job performance by offering the possibility of ascending and growing. The best directors of human resources take note of the performance of the best collaborators within the company, including their interests and future aspirations. In this way, they can have a better understanding of what type of person would most appropriately pay in certain types of vacancies.

Recruiters can also help employees achieve their professional goals and objectives through additional training and continuous learning.

Recruiting internally can have a positive impact on the morale and motivation of your employees. Existing employees will realize that there are possibilities for promotion and growth and that the company is willing to offer new job opportunities.


Several companies commit the bad habit of only seeking management candidates internally. Which, essentially, means that they are not introducing a flow of talent other than the company. Some companies even allow their administrators to personally choose their successors. This means, almost automatically, that the errors of the previous administrator will become the errors of the current one. You have to have the ability to innovate and improve. If the predecessor of a position did not solve any problem with his position, the person who elected will likely maintain the problem, since neither of them knows how to solve it and the cycle will be repeated.

If you hire internally remember that you will need a replacement for the previous position of the collaborator in your new vacancy.

External Recruitment


An internal candidate may not have the skills or experience necessary for the vacancy or there may simply not be someone within your company that is suitable.

An external candidate brings with them knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired in other companies, offering you an opportunity to avoid mistakes of others in the same industry. A candidate who has not been exposed to the culture of your company can bring new and fresh ideas.

Humans are competitive by nature and a healthy level of competition can bring out the best performance of a company. Incorporating new people into the mix will help you motivate your employees to have a constant effective performance so that they are considered in better positions in the future.


Adjusting to a new work environment can be a difficult task for anyone. It can be the case in which you hire someone and realize that they are having problems adjusting to the culture of your company. Additionally, if you hired an external candidate for a vacancy that one of your current collaborators had in mind, you could begin to create tension in that work area.

Another disadvantage of external recruitment is time, money and effort. It takes more time to find and train someone new, it may take a long time to post a vacancy and then have to order resumes of possible candidates to conduct different interviews.

Remember that recruiting internally or externally strictly is not the best method. When you expand your talent group to include internal and external candidates, it will increase competition for vacancies. Directors of human resources managers will thus have the ability to locate those who have the skills they are looking for. The more competition there is for a vacancy, the better chance there is that your employees will perform at their best. If you are looking to maximize human resources in your company you can contact us and we will help you with this topic.