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How To Decrease Staff Turnover With Adequate Recruitment?

How To Decrease Staff Turnover With Adequate Recruitment?

How would you feel about a higher retention rate in your organization? I don't know any executive in charge of human resources who could answer badly to that question. Employee retention is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing human resources and business in general.


With this in mind, here are some tips on how to reduce the constant entry and exit of employees in your company. Some may be known to you, others will be new, but ultimately everyone should help you encourage long-term loyalty and improve employee retention in your company.



Hire the right person


The best way to ensure that your employees do not quit is by making sure you hire the right person from the beginning. Define the type of person you need. Be certain that your candidate embeds not only the position but also the culture of your company.


"Blessed is he who maintains a profession that matches his hobby."



Cut out inappropriate staff


There will be certain instances where even if you follow all these tips you will hire someone who, no matter what you try to do, will not ebonize your company. A collaborator who does not enjoy what he does is not efficient or does not fit in your work culture will end up causing more damage than long-term benefits. Let it go.



Update your incentive and benefits program


Be sure to offer your people competitive benefits and encourage them to want to grow by increasing salary, commission, etc. for outstanding work. You will be surprised to know that very few companies offer this type of motivation that helps increase the value of your company and the productivity of your employees. If you don't have a reason to grow, why do you keep doing the same thing every day?



Foster generosity and appreciation


Encourage behaviors that benefit the environment in which your employees operate. In this way, when they interact with each other through acts of gratitude and generosity, a healthy, happy and less prone to resignation environment will develop. By encouraging this kind of positive interaction between them, they will be more willing to make them and will make them feel more attached to the company personally. This will help not only retain your employees but also increase their productivity.



Give priority to the happiness of your collaborators


The word "happiness" may have a soft or sentimental tone for many executives, but the metrics favor its promotion in any company. The happiness of your employees is an important indicator in terms of satisfaction in the area of work, absenteeism, and alignment of values within the culture of your company. By investing in the happiness of your employees, you will create additional dividends on commitment, productivity and of course, retention.



Provide flexibility


With the rhythm of life so hectic (chaotic) that we have today, your employees look forward to having a flexible life and a balance in the work. This has a direct impact on your retention. This means that if you are not offering some kind of flexibility to your employees within their work environment, they could easily thank you and opt for someone to offer them. An option to provide flexibility is to allow the so-called "home office" from time to time.



Provide an inclusive vision


A key factor in the commitment and happiness of your collaborators, according to experts, is to provide them with a sense of purpose and meaning to what they do. Offer them a solid vision and goals, along with an increase in their sense of belonging and loyalty to your organization. We all have a favorite sports team, make your employees become fans of your company and thus give everything for it.


If you have doubts about how to maximize human resources in your company, you can contact us today and we will help you solve them together.