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In Recruiting, Speed Is An Asset

You must have been involved - either as a job seeker or as an employer in a recruitment process that lasts and lasts. Once upon a time, this may have been commonplace and acceptable, but now the agility of recruiting is expected.


Consumer trends also follow the recruitment business - albeit with a delay. Customer experience has long been a wallpaper, especially in the consumer business, but now it is also reflected in the recruitment side. Talking about the job-seeker experience: You want to give a clear positive image of the company right from the job search stage by creating a pleasant recruitment experience, and the recruitment process is seen as an important part of building your employer image.


As with other encounters with businesses,  job-seekers' expectations for recruitment processes have changed: job seekers expect the process to be fast, smooth and well communicated. Businesses are no longer tolerant of pomp and gossip, and grievances are actively shared within their networks. Likewise, good experiences are shared and of course, they are useful for the employer.


Speed is, therefore, a key to successful recruitment, and I do not mean utilization, but a clear and smooth process from the announcement to the moment of selection. Corporate recruiters have also noticed in recent years how good candidates can easily slip elsewhere if the recruitment is delayed. Rarely does an applicant have just one iron in the fire, so the fastest employer might well win the race from a pro - just that speed. And let the recruitment process tell you a lot about the company: how agile and flexible it is or is not.


Have you ever calculated how long the recruitment process will take from the applicant's point of view? Could it be agile?