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RETAIL RECRUITMENT: Help, We Get Too Many Applications!

Retail Recruitment

The labor market varies greatly depending on the industry and the subject. Some have to look high and low to find the right skills and personality for their advertised positions. While others receive so many applications on their ads, they have difficulty managing them efficiently and professionally. The latter includes retail. Recruiting or working with recruitment in the retail sector, as mentioned, involves some challenges. For example, large search volumes, seasonal recruitment and finding the right people to avoid high turnover.



Good search volumes


200,000 jobs in retail in Thailand, which corresponds to approx. 7% of all employed in the country as a whole. As sales increase steadily, it is likely that also the number of employees associated with this industry will increase. Since many young people choose a shop as their first place of work, the search volumes are often large.



Find the right staff


In the mass of applications, it is important to sift out the ones you think are the best match for the position. Like most other industries, technology has taken a firm grip on the retail industry, which requires those who do the job to have the right skills. Besides, many positions within retail are about having customer contact, which also requires a certain type of profiles.



High turnover


The retail that can offer flexible working hours attracts a large part of the young workforce who sees the opportunity to combine work and study. But this also means high turnover.



How can you ease these challenges?


1. Build a talent database


Industries such as retail, with large volume recruitments and high turnover of personnel, will benefit from building a talent database. Talent databases can be especially valuable for seasonal recruitment. Imagine having a database filled with potential candidates that you can offer to apply for your advertised posts. Wouldn't it be great?


2. Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment marketing has arisen as a result of the current situation in the labor market, both in retail and other industries. It is simply about attracting, engaging and developing relationships with potential candidates even before the person actively searches for a new job. 


3. Establish career paths


Many choose to leave their jobs for better and more exciting challenges and opportunities. Developing career paths for your employees or offering professional development increases the chance that they will instead choose to stay. This is also an attractive added value to present to potential job seekers.


4. Use a recruitment system


A recruitment system can simplify your recruitment process and help you with screening, automatic coarse grading, and video interviewing. You can also streamline the recruitment processes with the automation of feedback to candidates in the form of, for example, rejection letters and interviewing books. Many applicants can, as is known, lead to longer processes, which is not desirable for either recruiters or job seekers. An important detail is to give feedback to anyone who applied for the position and preferably as soon as possible. Very late or missing feedback can hurt your business when disgruntled candidates are not late in telling their dissatisfaction to others, and not infrequently via social media.


You who recruit to retail are without doubt facing many challenges and here we just mentioned some of them. Is there anything that is extra important in your everyday life we forgot to illuminate? Feel free to contact us in the comments section below or on any of our social sites, and we will look into it more closely. Maybe it will be a new blog post.