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What Can Each Recruitment Professional Learn From The Marketer?

What Can Each Recruitment Professional Learn From The Marketer?

Finding and recruiting the best employees is sometimes a challenging job where marketing expertise can be quite beneficial. Marketers are known to be the key to reaching the right target audiences, and that's why we came up with four things every recruiter can learn from marketers to succeed in their job.



1. Target groups also fit in communication


In recruitment, one thing is done in an exemplary way, and that is defining the target group. Often, the recruiter knows exactly what kind of employee they are going to look for and the features are listed on the pie. However, it often comes to the point where the recruitment message is distributed to the media: the target groups are forgotten and the message is thrown to the masses without further thought. Here's where if it's worth remembering and sticking with your target group knowledge to reach the right types - and communicate just about them.



2. Without a distribution plan, you will not be able to reach effectively


When the target groups are in the glove, one should think about the distribution plan, that is, how these target groups are reached. Now it's worth thinking about channels other than the most traditional recruitment ad distribution channels. Particularly in expert recruitment, social channels can be the most effective, and especially on LinkedIn, you can target advertising on a professional basis. In addition to the distribution plan - which channels the message is delivered to and when - it is worth keeping in mind that to work effectively, it is worth investing a few hundred baht in advertising money.



3. Customer Experience


Marketers have also excelled in taking into account the customer experience - the same should be done by recruiters, now only in terms of job seeker experience. Applicant experience is one of the most important building blocks of an employer image, which even creates a good or bad image on a very personal level: the experience is always individual, so it is also taken personally. So it is worth investing in the applicant's experience - getting started with a "test drive" of your recruitment process or interviewing applicants: what went well, how did the communication work, what should be improved?



4. Analyzes and learning


Every self-respecting marketing professional analyzes the results of their campaigns and learns to support their further development - preferably on an ongoing basis and throughout the campaigns. Recruiters can learn from this, analyze existing recruitments and also modify them as needed: if there are no candidates, whether the distribution plan or message should be modified, or if there is too much demand, how to cut the best ones from the start. The most important thing is to find out what is happening and why - and follow up on that.


We believe that with these 4 tips, recruiters can enhance their work and success - what do you think?