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Why Can't I Use The Job Description As a Job Advertisement?

Why Can't I Use The Job Description As a Job Advertisement?

It can be tempting to take a short cut in a stressful everyday life to get things done without too much effort. Everything about the advertised position is already in the job description so why can one not only publish it and let the candidates apply?


Unfortunately, this shortcut can cause the flow of curious and skilled candidates to fail. The job advertisement should reflect the business and how it is to work with you, and therefore it is important that you put some time and effort into doing it well. Below, I will address some points why you should not use the job description as a job advertisement and how the two are different. Hopefully, it will help you attract the right candidates for your position and business.



1. The job description must inform, the job advertisement should sell


A job advertisement should do the same as other ads; Be short, precise and accurate. Be a brief description of the work tasks in the position and give a general overview of the role. Most job descriptions have a formal tone and can be very long, which is not wrong since it should be a comprehensive and informative document. But try to avoid your ad being as extensive as others, as it can often scare away candidates.



2. How do you describe the company?


Job description usually does not say much about the company as it is intended for a person who is already working in the company or is in the process of being employed. But in a job advertisement, information about the company is a very important part of "selling the job". Let the description be as short as possible, a couple of lines explaining what you are doing and then putting the rest of the effort into describing the benefits your company offers. For example, if you have a fantastic corporate culture or many good benefits that make the position more attractive, then this is the chance to communicate this.



3. Avoid an internal tone


Job descriptions are often written with a certain internal tone, which can be very positive for those who work in the company, but for everyone else, it can be difficult to understand. Therefore, it does not belong in a job advertisement where the language should be simple. Candidates quickly lose patience if they read something that doesn't give them anything and move on to another ad.



4. Think about whom you are writing to


Most job descriptions are written to a third party. For example, "the employee must be responsible for ...". In an ad, it is important to engage the candidate and drag them into the ad. Therefore, one should write "you" in the ad so that the candidate feels you are talking directly to them.



5. Where does the ad going to be read


Job descriptions and job listings are often read in various formats. The descriptions are often read as a document on data or in physical form on a paper. Ads are read differently. Jobseekers must find the ad online through a search and therefore it is incredibly important that you use keywords that you think the job seeker is using.



6. Don't leave the job title random


Within the company, the vacancy can get a common denomination, but for advertising, it is important to choose something that is searchable and which is likely to be found by job seekers who do searches on the web.


Finally, it is always advisable to take a look at what you have written. Just as you appreciate your graduates reviewing their applications, it is important that you do the same with your ads for and perceived as serious and professional.


If you have now gone through the list on a point-by-point basis, you should be left with a competitive ad in hand that will attract the right candidates. Good luck!