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4 Hiring Tips To Prevent Talent Flight

4 hiring tips to prevent talent flight

Either through the HR department or the hiring of an external department of recruitment professionals, there are several reasons why a talent leak can occur during the selection of candidates. That is why Fischer & Partners Executive Search & Recruitment Agency give you 4 hiring tips to prevent applicants from being rejected.



Profile flexibility


Marking an age limit, a specific level of English, a specific bachelor's degree or certain years of experience are filters that close the doors to candidates who may well be trained for the position.


A clear example can be seen in the sales area, where companies often look for specialized profiles on the products they sell, when in truth what they need is expert sales staff. The reason is that a good seller can soak up knowledge of a particular area, while a graduate of a career related to that product may not have innate seller skills.



Consistency in what is requested


How many times we have seen vacancies asking for young and experienced people, there are even those who ask for several years of experience in relatively new areas. While this type of practice can work, the truth is that it reduces our options too much.


An example of this type of vacancies occurred a few years ago, with the rise of social networks, in which many companies were looking for community managers with more years of experience than those who had been existing.


The lack of logic when requesting a profile is a symptom that the company itself does not know what it needs and therefore does not know how to look for it. Given this scenario, it is best to ask for help from experts who can advise to hire and select candidates.



Create the profile based on its functions


Most of the profiles are based on characteristics such as age, sex, level of education and experience when the idea is to explain to the selection of candidates the exact functions that should be performed in said position. In this way, it is the recruitment area that will decide who is the candidate with the talent to fill the position.



Measure the candidates "with the same stick"


The last piece of advice to hire the most talented candidate is not only to look at his achievements but also at the resources he has had to reach them. For example, someone who has increased the company's sales by 10% with a null or limited budget has more merit, than someone who has increased them by 50%, but with a high budget.



In conclusion


These hiring tips can only be applied effectively with full communication between company managers, the HR department and the staffing agency.