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6 Recruitment And Selection Techniques To Evaluate A Candidate

6 Recruitment & Selection Techniques To Evaluate A Candidate

Recruiting staff is a colossal process for the Human Resources department, especially when time and resources are limited. When so, planning and prior organization are required to carry out an efficient selection. That's why in Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search, we tell you 6 techniques that will help you better evaluate the candidates:



Systematic analysis of the Curriculum Vitae


Apparently analyzing a CV is an easy task; However, because there is no systematic rule to do so, the evaluation of a curriculum becomes subjective and it is common that when there are two evaluators do not agree on the assessment of the candidate.


Through a systematic analysis, what is sought is to create a first bottleneck, where people who do not meet the requirements are discarded, instead of trying to predict the performance of individuals. Later it is important that the CVs that pass this first filter be divided into two groups: those that meet the profile and also have an interesting CV and those that meet the requirements, but their CV raises doubts.



Predefined questionnaires


From the beginning of the selection process, it is important to capture as much information as possible about the candidate, regarding the vacancy requirements. Applying a questionnaire to applicants prior to the interview will help to better plan it and even reduce the number of respondents.



Interview guidelines


While it is true, no interview takes place in the same way, it is possible to write a small guide to organize it and save time, and thus ensure that the most important issues are covered.



Skills test application


In the labor world, intelligence is not enough to perform effectively in a position, so it is necessary that the candidate has a certain operational capacity. There are different types of tests to assess numerous skills, among which the following stand out:


  • Personality

  • Verbal aptitude

  • Spatial fitness

  • Numerical fitness

  • Abstract and mechanical reasoning

  • Speed and perceptual precision, etc.



Professional tests


The professional tests basically consist of a work sample in which a task is chosen so that the candidate carries out an exercise on his professional activity. In many cases, these tests are presented in the same way as an aptitude test; Although there is a wide variety of professional tests, they are generally classified into the following 5 categories:



  • Tasks of a psychomotor nature: For example typing on the keyboard, using a type of tool, repairing electronic components, assembling parts, etc.


  • Knowledge tests: The candidate is examined on issues related to the vacancy.


  • Training tests: The candidate is presented with a task such as those they will perform in the position to assess their ability.


  • Group decision making: Several candidates must solve a problem together or execute a task.


  • Evaluation seminars: These are programs with various tests that include situation tests. They are generally used to fill executive positions.



Reference Review Process


During this process, a format must be designed to verify job references of the candidates, so that important points that require corroboration are not omitted.


In conclusion, the application of different filters during the personnel selection process will help us reduce time and efforts, as well as ensure the hiring of the right candidate for our company and for the position we seek to fill.


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