Dig in to some valuable job search information, as well as resources designed to prepare you for every step in your career.

Job seekers and managers looking for the ideal employee often face the same problem: where to find reliable information on the latest trends in the job market and practical advice on recruitment procedures ?


With the expertise of our specialized recruitment consultants, we deliver the secrets of a successful career and optimal recruitment:

  • Is it time to hire? Do you wonder how to find the right person for the job? Finding employees who are quite right for you as an employer can be difficult. Here are 7 tips from Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search who can help you attract and find the right staff for your company.

  • Being aware of your level of English is paramount. Indeed, recruiters no longer hesitate to test the candidates' knowledge of English through tests or improvised conversations to ensure their suitability for a job, especially at an international level.

  • It would only take 30 seconds for a recruiter to make a firm and definitive opinion of a candidate during a job interview. Following this logic, we only have one chance to make a good impression. What if you learn to sell yourself in less than a minute?

  • What is relationship sales and how do you succeed? We have met our Recruitment Director Nantida and talked about how she works with building trust and creating long-term relationships with her customers.

  • What distinguishes a professional recruiter and what behaviors and activities create value and success for both customers and candidates? We went for a coffee with our Recruitment Manager, Khun Phanuphan who tells us what drives him to perform in the role of the recruiter.

  • New job, a new challenge. Hardly any employment is meant for eternity. On average, employees change to a new job every two to three years and have to prove themselves there again. Not easy! Already the first few months decide whether a new job becomes a success or a failure. In the first time, the expectations are particularly high. Personnel wants to see that you were the right choice and you want to make a good impression. We show you how to use the first days and months in a new job and start successfully ...


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